The Last Friends of Willie Coyote HTML version

VAUGHN (cont'd)
let alone an open gas station. No
matter. I think we're getting pretty
close anyways.
Vaughn pulls a peculiar map out. He partially unfolds it and
looks at it. Ella examines her cell phone.
No signal on the cellie either.
Ella puts down her phone and looks out the window.
We did it. Yes we did. Stuck way out
in the middle of the desert. So guys,
this what you wanted right? But I do
have to say that I'm personally not
really looking forward to being
stranded way out here in desert hell.
Nobody is stranded... at least not yet
Ella. Hey, I thought the whole idea
of this road trip was to get kinda
lost, right? To find our souls and
destiny in the wastelands of the deep
desert? Was that not the general
plan? No?
Yes it was Mike. And maybe find out
what happened to my Uncle Joe.
Vaughn opens his wallet and looks at an old black and white
photograph of a man leaning against a 1970's Impala car.
In any case, it is pretty peaceful in
these parts. There's nothing to
bother you out here. No traffic, no
people, no --
-- Gas, no Quicky Marts, no radio, no
anything. And Sid is getting hot!
But hey... I still love my guys!
Ella smiles, reaches forward and grabs Vaughn and Mike,
shaking them. They smile. Vaughn looks over at the gas gauge
and then back to his map.
Here's the deal. If we keep going we
will run out of gas.