The Large Party - Party Games Page HTML version

gentleman then collects two ladies and seats them in
his chairs, one on his right side, and the other on his
left. One lady is then removed. from the circle. The
gentleman who now only has one wife, must now go
steal one from another by winking, waving etc. But
without letting her gentleman know. She must then
dash to the empty ladies' chair and the gentleman
return to his own place. If she makes it half way
across the room before the previous gentleman stands
up and catches up with her, she takes her place with
her new gentleman, and her previous one now has to
replace the missing wife.
Split the patry goers into teams of three and give each
team a toilet roll. Two persons then wrap the third in
the toilet roll so that they look like an Egyptian
Mummy. The winning team is the one who in a set
time (say 2
minutes) have the neatest and most
covered Mummy.
This is like "Mummies" but instead of having toilet
paper and having to wrap the 'victim' to look like a
mummy, you give each team part of a (not ready
pasted) wall-paper roll, and 12 safety pins and they
have to make an 'outfit', in say 5 minutes.
If you wish, you may specify "A dress", "Jacket and
trousers", etc.
(The paper may be pinned on the person's normal
clothes, rather than having to make the 'outfit' and
then they have to put it on.)
Take all the girls out of the room and tell them that
the room has a line of soldiers who are willing to
demonstrate their skills of quick and slow firing.
Tell the boys to form a line (shoulder to shoulder)
away from the door. (Optionally turn the lights down
or out.)
In turn, each girl is asked if she would like the
demonstration of quick or slow firing. Having
answered, the door is opened and she is pushed into
the room, and her answer is shouted to the boys.
If she opted for quick firing, the boys give her a quick
kiss before pushing her onto the next in line, as
quicklty as possible. Slow firing allows the boys a
longer kiss.