The Lady from the Sea HTML version

(SCENE.—DOCTOR WANGEL'S house, with a large verandah
garden in front of and around the house. Under the verandah a
flagstaff. In the garden an arbour, with table and chairs. Hedge,
with small gate at the back. Beyond, a road along the seashore. An
avenue of trees along the road. Between the trees are seen the
fjord, high mountain ranges and peaks. A warm and brilliantl y
clear summer morning.
BALLESTED, middle-aged, wearing an old velvet jacket, and a
broad-brimmed artist's hat, stands under the flagstaff, arranging the
ropes. The flag is lying on the ground. A little way from him is an
easel, with an outspread canvas. B y the easel on a camp-stool,
brushes, a palette, and box of colours.
BOLETTE WANGEL comes from the room opening on the
verandah. She carries a large vase with flowers, which she puts
down on the table.)
Bolette. Well, Ballested, does it work smoothly?
Ballested. Certainly, Miss Bolette, that's easy enough. May I
ask—do you expect any visitors today?
Bolette. Yes, we're expecting Mr. Arnholm this morning. He got
to town in the night.
Ballested. Arnholm? Wait a minute—wasn't Arnholm the man
who was tutor here several years ago?
Bolette. Yes, it is he.
Ballested. Oh, really! Is he coming into these parts again?
Bolette. That's why we want to have the flag up.
Ballested. Well, that's reasonable enough.