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Definitions of Ratings
Quality of Film
A very poor , awful and painful film with no merit that is prob ably unwatchable through to the
A poor just ab out watchab le film that is disappointing and let down b y some fundamental
weaknesses in plot, and / or credib ility, . You may not have made it through to the end.
A dull mediocre watchab le film with some moments of interest or quality , good in parts, but
overall only just so so. You may not have made it through to the end.
Watchab le, reasonable, adequate, but slightly disappointing film probab ly let down b y low
budget feel, predictability, and not particularly memorab le or enjoyable.
OK watchab le average film , enjoyab le b ut let down b y some aspects of casting, script, or plot.
A good watchable film that is definitely OK b ut could have been better in places.
A very good watchab le and enjoyable film .
A great film. May b e very funny or very moving, or both , or a thriller which holds your interest
and with a great plot.
A superb and excellent film of great merit and depth, with an excellent cast and script. A film
that you would b e keen and eager to watch again the following day.
A rare exceptional , b rilliant and outstanding film of depth, meaning, superb casting,
outstanding acting, and credible script. A film that touches your soul, and prob ably makes you
laugh and cry. A film that stays with you in your immediate memory.
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Knowing my interest in films people often ask me what do I think are the best ten films ever.
This is an extremely difficult question and obviously very controversial. It would be easier
perhaps to list twenty! But if forced here is my list of a dozen films to take to a desert island.
Sorry I could not get below 12!
Air Force One
Apocalypse Now
Apollo 13
Blade Runner
Casino Royale
Fever Pitch
Saving Private Ryan
Sophies Choice
Terms of Endearment
The Graduate
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