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The KnightWatcher’s FILM REVIEWS 2013 edition
Hi! I'm Bob Brown (AKA The KnightWatcher). A b ig welcome to all you fellow film lovers to the 2013 edition of my film
All of these reviews have previously b een published on LoveFilm under my Lovefilm name of the KnightWatcher and on my
Faceb ook page -Bob Brown’s Film Lovers Group.
These film reviews are also published on my web site , https://www. movieandfilmreviews. co. uk which you are encouraged
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My interest in films has confirmed that when it comes to films ‘One man’s meat is another’s poison’. There are no films where
everyone agrees that it is b rilliant or awful. Everyone has different tastes. And so it is with my ratings. You may find that
usually you agree with my rating, or you may find that often you disagree. And therein is the fun and interest. I love to hear
other’s views and where you disagree that is just as interesting and welcome. It is fun to discuss and debate these things.
You will see a tab le b elow which defines what my film ratings mean . I will warn you that I mark tough. Often on Lovefilm if
someone likes a film they will automatically just give it a 10 but I do not do this. Instead I make careful use of the full range of
scores and generally I would consider any film with a score of 4 or ab ove watchab le and enjoyable to some extent. So where
I have given a film a score b etween 4 and 7 for example then I liked it and thought it watchable b ut it is just not a particularly
great film; it might just be reasonab le , average, good or very good respectab ly.
If you limit yourself to just great films or those with Oscar nominations or to those which are well known and widely popular
then you can miss a lot of perfectly good watchab le enjoyable movies. I b elieve you need to b e open minded and sometimes
you will discover a hidden gem , or one that just appeals to you personally and b e surprised. It is always satisfying to
discover an unknown and underrated film .
My favourite genres are , erotic thrillers (especially from the 1990s) and Rom Com s and WWII dramas and so you will find a
disproportionate number of these . I like nearly all the genres except I am not really into fantasy action films so e.g. you will
not find any reviews of Harry Potter , or Lord Of The Rings or Star Wars here. It is fun sometimes to watch a film when you
have ab solutely no idea what it is ab out or the genre in advance.
It is surprising how many films have the same name. The same names are used frequently even within a couple of years. .
Therefore to identify a film you have to also look at the year. Where I am aware there is more than one film with the same
name I have added the year to distinguish the one that I have seen.
The film reviews are arranged in alphabetical order , but this is followed by another list of what I consider the best
films and which I have awarded scores of 8, 9 or 10 .
As I said above I also publish my film reviews on my Facebook page- Bob Brown's film Lovers Group. I would very much
appreciate it if you would visit that page and LIKE it and even b etter start to add some of your own reviews occasionally to
help me make it more active and fun.
Good watching-The KnightWatcher
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