The Kingdom of the Blind HTML version

Chapter 15
The Admiralty report that they received last night a message from Commander Conyers
of the destroyer "Scorpion," announcing that he has destroyed German submarines U 22
and 27, with all hands.
"Well, I'm damned!" the Admiral exclaimed, as he laid down the newspaper a few
mornings later. "Ralph's done it this time, and no mistake."
Geraldine looked over his shoulder, her cheeks aglow.
"I knew at seven o'clock," she declared. "Harris brought me the paper up. They are all so
excited about it in the kitchen. You'd just gone out in the Park."
"I want to know how it was done," the Admiral speculated. "Can't have been ramming if
he bagged two of them, and they surely never came to the surface voluntarily, with a
destroyer about."
Geraldine glanced around the room to be sure that they were alone.
"Don't you remember when Olive and I were at Portsmouth?" she said. "Ralph has been
absolutely dumb about it but he did just give us a hint that he had a little surprise in store
for the submarines. There was something on deck, covered all up and watched by a
sentry, and just before we sat down to lunch, you know, we were turned off and had to go
to the Ship. Ralph wouldn't tell us a word about it but I'm sure he's got some new
contrivance on the Scorpion for fighting the submarines."
"There may be something in it," the Admiral admitted cheerfully. "I noticed the Morning
Post naval man the other day made a very guarded reference to some secret means of
dealing with these vermin."
Lady Conyers sailed into the room, a telegram in her hand.
"A wireless from Ralph," she announced. "Listen."
Have sunk two of the brutes. More to come. Love. Ralph.
They pored over the telegram and the newspaper until the breakfast was cold. The
Admiral was like a boy again.
"If we can get rid of these curses of the sea," he said, settling down at last to his bacon
and eggs, "and get those Germans to come out, the war will be over months before any
one expected. I shall go down to the Admiralty after breakfast and see if they've got