The Kingdom of the Blind HTML version

Chapter 12
Geraldine, a few hours later, set down the telephone receiver with a little sigh of
resignation. Lady Conyers glanced up inquiringly from her book.
"Was that some one wanting to come and see you at this time of night, Geraldine?" she
Geraldine yawned.
"It's Hugh," she explained. "He has rung up from the War Office or somewhere--says he
has just got back from France and wants to see me at once. I think he might have waited
till to-morrow morning. I can scarcely keep my eyes open, I am so sleepy."
Lady Conyers glanced at the clock.
"It isn't really so late," she remarked, "and I dare say, if the poor man's been travelling all
day, he'd like to say good-night to you."
Geraldine made a little grimace.
"I shall go into the morning room and wait for him," she announced. "He'll very likely
find me asleep."
The Admiral looked up from behind the Times.
"Where's that nice young fellow Granet?" he asked. "Why didn't you bring him in to
"Well, we didn't get back until nearly eight," Geraldine reminded her father. "I didn't
think he'd have time to change and get back here comfortably."
"Fine young chap, that," Sir Seymour remarked. "The very best type of young English
soldier. We could do with lots like him."
Geraldine left the room without remark. She could hear her father rustling his paper as
she disappeared.
"Can't think why Geraldine didn't pick up with a smart young fellow like Granet instead
of an old stick like Thomson," he grumbled. "I hate these Army Medicals, anyway."
"Major Thomson has a charming disposition," Lady Conyers declared warmly. "Besides,
he will be very well off some day--he may even get the baronetcy."