The Kingdom of the Blind HTML version

Chapter 11
Olive Moreton gave a little start as the long, grey, racing car came noiselessly to a
standstill by the side of the kerbstone. Captain Granet raised his hat and leaned from the
driving seat towards her.
"Hope I didn't frighten you, Miss Moreton?"
"Not at all," she replied. "What a perfectly lovely car!"
He assented eagerly.
"Isn't she! My uncle's present to me to pass away the time until I can do some more
soldiering. They only brought it round to me early this morning. Can I take you
"I was just going to see Geraldine Conyers," she began.
"Do you know, I guessed that," he remarked, leaning on one side and opening the door.
"Do let me take you. I haven't had a passenger yet."
She stepped in at once.
"As a matter of fact," she told him, "I was looking for a taxicab. I have had a telegram
from Ralph. He wants us to go down to Portsmouth by the first train we can catch this
morning. He says that if we can get down there in time to have lunch at two o'clock, he
can show us over the 'Scorpion.' After to-day she will be closed to visitors, even his own
relations. I was just going to see if Geraldine could come."
Granet was thoughtful for a moment. He glanced at the little clock on the dashboard
opposite to him.
"I tell you what," he suggested, "why not let me motor you and Miss Conyers down? I
don't believe there's another fast train before one o'clock, and we'd get down in a couple
of hours, easily. It's just what I'm longing for, a good stretch into the country."
"I should love it," the girl exclaimed, "and I should think Geraldine would. Will you wait
while I run in and see her?"
"Of course," Granet replied. "Here we are, and there's Miss Conyers at the window. You
go in and talk her over and I'll just see that we've got lots of petrol. I'll have you down
there within two hours, all right, if we can get away before the roads are crowded."
She hurried into the house. Geraldine met her on the threshold and they talked together
for a few moments. Then Olive reappeared, her face beaming.