The Kingdom of the Blind HTML version

Chapter 31
Ambrose announced a visitor, early on the following morning, with some show of
"Captain Granet to see you, sir. We've a good many notes about him. Would you like the
Thomson shook his head.
"Thank you," he answered drily, "I have it in my desk but I think I can remember. Is he
outside now?"
"Yes, sir! He said he wouldn't keep you for more than a few minutes, if you could spare
him a short interview."
"Any luck last night?"
Ambrose sighed.
"I was up till three o'clock again. Once I thought I was on the track of it. I have come to
the conclusion now that it's one of those codes that depend upon shifting quantities. I
shall start again to-night on a different idea. Shall I show Captain Granet in, sir?"
Thomson assented, and a few minutes later Granet entered the room. He made no attempt
to shake hands or to take a seat. Thomson looked at him coldly.
"Well," he asked, abruptly, "what can I do for you?"
"I don't suppose you can do anything," Granet replied, "but I am going to spend to-day
and to-morrow, too, if necessary, in this place, bothering every one I ever heard of. You
have some influence, I know. Get me a job out of this country."
Thomson raised his eyebrows slightly.
"You want to go abroad again?"
"Anywhere--anyhow! If they won't have me back in France, although heaven knows why
not, can I be sent to the Dardanelles, or even East Africa? I'll take out Territorials, if you
like. I'll do anything sooner than be ordered to one of these infernal country towns to train
young tradespeople. If I don't worry, I know I shall get a home appointment directly, and
I don't want it."
Thomson studied his visitor, for a moment, carefully.