The Kingdom of the Blind HTML version

Chapter 25
Geraldine welcomed her unexpected visitor that afternoon cordially enough but a little
"I thought that you were going to stay at Brancaster for a week," she remarked, as they
shook hands.
"We meant to stay longer," Granet admitted, "but things went a little wrong. First of all
there was this Zeppelin raid. Then my arm didn't go very well. Altogether our little
excursion fizzled out and I came back last night."
"Did you see anything of the raid?" Geraldine inquired eagerly.
"Rather more than I wanted," he answered grimly. "I was motoring along the road at the
time, and I had to attend a perfect court martial next day, with your friend Thomson in
the chair. Can you tell me, Miss Conyers," he continued, watching her closely, "how it is
that a medical major who is inspector of hospitals, should be sent down from the War
Office to hold an inquiry upon that raid?"
"Was Hugh really there?" she asked in a puzzled manner.
"He was, and very officially," Granet replied. "If it weren't that I had conclusive evidence
to prove what I was doing there, he seemed rather set on getting me into trouble."
"Hugh is always very fair," she said a little coldly.
"You can't solve my puzzle for me, then?" he persisted.
"What puzzle?"
"Why an inspector of hospitals should hold an inquiry upon a Zeppelin raid?"
"I'm afraid I cannot," she admitted. "Hugh certainly seems to have become a most
mysterious person, but then, as you know, I haven't seen quite so much of him lately.
Your change, Captain Granet, doesn't seem to have done you much good. Has your
wound been troubling you?"
He rose abruptly and stood before her.
"Do you care whether my wound is troubling me or not?" he asked. "Do you care
anything at all about me?"
There was a moment's silence.