The Kingdom of the Blind HTML version

Chapter 22
Granet sauntered in to breakfast a few minutes late on the following morning. A little
volley of questions and exclamations reached him as he stood by the sideboard.
"Heard about the Zeppelin raid?"
"They say there's a bomb on the ninth green!"
"Market Burnham Hall is burnt to the ground!"
Granet sighed as he crossed the room and took his seat at the table.
"If you fellows hadn't slept like oxen last night," he remarked, "you'd have known a lot
more about it. I saw the whole show."
"Nonsense!" Major Harrison exclaimed.
"Tell us all about it?" young Anselman begged.
"I heard the thing just as I was beginning to undress," Granet explained. "I rushed
downstairs and found Collins out in the garden. . . . Where the devil is Collins, by-the-
They glanced at his vacant place.
"Not down yet. Go on."
"Well, we could hear the vibration like anything, coming from over the marsh there. I got
the car out and we were no sooner on the road than I could see it distinctly, right above
us--a huge, cigar-shaped thing. We raced along after it, along the road towards Market
Burnham. Just before it reached the Hall it seemed to turn inland and then come back
again. We pulled up to watch it and Collins jumped out. He said he'd go as far as the Hall
and warn them. I sat in the car, watching. She came right round and seemed to hover over
those queer sort of outbuildings there are at Market Burnham. All at once the bombs
began to drop."
"What are they like?" Geoffrey Anselman exclaimed.
Granet poured out his coffee carefully.
"I've seen 'em before--plenty of them, too," he remarked, "but they did rain them down.
Then all of a sudden there was a sort of glare--I don't know what happened. It was just as
though some one had lit one of those coloured lights. The Hall was just as clearly visible
as at noonday. I could see the men running about, shouting, and the soldiers tumbling out