The Key and the Broken Wing HTML version

“Good bye Uncle Cherrome,” she cried. The wings began to flutter up and down, in and out and
then, the coffin began to rise.
“She’s taking our key away from us,” Kimberley whispered.
“Watch, it is the old trick. The one where every butterfly has no more secrets. He must have kept it
to himself.” Krome explained.
The Coffin lifted into the air and a cloud hovered towards the earth. Jezzabell watched the cloud
cover the coffin.
The sky turned black and it began to thunder. Lightning struck the cloud that had gobbled up her
uncle’s coffin. Something fell onto her hair and it landed into her hands.
“The key, it”, Krome was about to jump out of the Dandelions when Kimberley pulled him back.
“Wait,” she hissed.
The key that lay in Jezzabell’s hand started to shrink. Its golden colour faded into black and
“Where? Why did you eat the Poison Ivy, Uncle", Jezzabell spoke aloud. But the key would not
answer her, it just carried on shrinking.
Krome could not wait any longer and he jumped out of the dandelions.
“Give me that key,” he demanded.
Jezzabell stood up; she clenched the small key in her right hand.
“This belongs to me, not you!” she snapped.
“Krome, leave her,” Kimberley walked towards them.
“I want the Ivy,” he stepped towards Jezzabell.
“Krome, Jezzabell stood back against the stone. “Why should I give it to you? You’re not related
to him,” she spoke. Krome grabbed hold of her left arm and he forced her clenched fist open.
“No!” Kimberley squealed. The church bells began to ring. Krome put his hands over his ears; he
pushed her to the ground. He Fluttered above her. Every second that Jezzabell looked up at him, he
dived towards the small Key. Jezzabell ducked, she stood up. He dived towards her again and she
ran in to the clover leafs. As she sat down, the patch of leafs started to cover her.
Krome blew heavily onto the ground above her. She was no longer covered with clover leafs.
Jezzabell looked at the hand that held the key. The key that had shrunk in her hand left a black
imprint of the key. She touched the key but it didn’t move.