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The Karmapradipa of Katyayana

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The Karmapradipa, one of the most widely accepted early medieval texts on Vedic rituals, is ascribed to the ancient sage Katyayana. This text is presented here with a detailed introduction and an English translation. This text, like its similar texts composed as the supplements to the ancient texts, re-molded the ancient rites prescribed in the Vedic ancillary texts to fit them into the contemporary perception on the right way of life. However, among all such supplementary texts, perhaps due to its wide range of coverage, the Karmapradipa is extensively cited by the late medieval Indian authors of the religious digests and the commentaries of the vedic ancillary texts.


Jayanta Bhattacharya

The author was graduated in Mechanical Engineering and presently he is working as an executive in the field of aircraft maintenance. His inquisitiveness for the cultural history prompted him to pen his works on the rites and rituals of South Asia.

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