The Jungle Book HTML version

Her Majesty's Servants
You can work it out by Fractions or by simple Rule of Three,
But the way of Tweedle-dum is not the way of Tweedle-dee.
You can twist it, you can turn it, you can plait it till you drop,
But the way of Pilly Winky's not the way of Winkie Pop!
It had been raining heavily for one whole month--raining on a camp of thirty
thousand men and thousands of camels, elephants, horses, bullocks, and mules
all gathered together at a place called Rawal Pindi, to be reviewed by the Viceroy
of India. He was receiving a visit from the Amir of Afghanistan--a wild king of a
very wild country. The Amir had brought with him for a bodyguard eight hundred
men and horses who had never seen a camp or a locomotive before in their
lives--savage men and savage horses from somewhere at the back of Central
Asia. Every night a mob of these horses would be sure to break their heel ropes
and stampede up and down the camp through the mud in the dark, or the camels
would break loose and run about and fall over the ropes of the tents, and you can
imagine how pleasant that was for men trying to go to sleep. My tent lay far away
from the camel lines, and I thought it was safe. But one night a man popped his
head in and shouted, "Get out, quick! They're coming! My tent's gone!"
I knew who "they" were, so I put on my boots and waterproof and scuttled out
into the slush. Little Vixen, my fox terrier, went out through the other side; and
then there was a roaring and a grunting and bubbling, and I saw the tent cave in,
as the pole snapped, and begin to dance about like a mad ghost. A camel had
blundered into it, and wet and angry as I was, I could not help laughing. Then I
ran on, because I did not know how many camels might have got loose, and
before long I was out of sight of the camp, plowing my way through the mud.
At last I fell over the tail-end of a gun, and by that knew I was somewhere near
the artillery lines where the cannon were stacked at night. As I did not want to
plowter about any more in the drizzle and the dark, I put my waterproof over the
muzzle of one gun, and made a sort of wigwam with two or three rammers that I