The Jody Wilson Stories HTML version

kids behaved as though they were there to admire her, they just
wanted to play with her toys.
My mother was taken to the veterinarian once a year for a
routine physical examination. On my mother's first visit, Dr.
Fredericks tried to convince the Wilsons to declaw her. Citing
warped examples of cat owners who no longer felt the need to
cover their furniture after the mutilation it became a nightmare
for my mother.
Thankfully, the nightmare was short-lived. The Wilsons had
up-to-date knowledge about the possible complications from
declawing. Cats need their claws for offense, defense, climbing,
leaping, and walking. In simple terms, a cat's not a cat,
without his/her claws.
My mother would've preferred to live on the streets, rather
than live as a mutilated cat. Most cats would choose likewise.
Imagine if someone were to chop off the first digit of each one
of your fingers. It wouldn't feel good!
Rick Preston, a neighbor of the Wilsons, agreed with Dr.
Fredrick's proposal. My mother never got along with either
creep. She suspected that they had inner hatred/envy towards
her. After all, she was very beautiful.
“Your cat may decide to tear into your sofas and chairs,”
Rick once said.
Just for the record, my mother never scratched any of the
Wilson's furniture. She was a sweet and gentle cat. She
respected the rights and properties of others. She was a good
North American cat.
Besides, the Wilsons had two scratching posts inside of
their home; eradicating any urges my mother would've had for
scratching-up the furniture.
My mother practiced her clawing techniques on the
scratching posts; imagining that she was a tigress clawing a
tree. As a secondary precaution, the Wilsons kept two pairs of
'soft paws' in their home. Just in case my mother became
Although my mother was fed on a regular schedule, sometimes
she got a sudden urge for a snack. She'd call out to the
Wilsons, and then roll onto her back. If that didn't work, she'd
approach one of the Wilsons and play cutie-pie. That method
almost always worked.
When my mother turned two, the Wilsons brought her along on
a trip to Hawaii. The Wilsons prepared for the trip well in
advance. My mother was told that the family was going to a very
nice place.
On the day of the trip the Wilsons made sure all the needed
accessories and articles of clothing were in their suitcases and