The Jody Wilson Stories HTML version

My name is Jody Wilson. I'm a gorgeous, short-haired Tabby.
My coat is gray, and my beautiful eyes are hypnotic. I was told
that I was born at Camp Puppy Mill, located somewhere in
Northeastern Missouri. Camp Puppy Mill was a run-down, sorry
excuse for a home. Well, aren't most puppy mills like that?
Now, before you start wondering how a 'cat' happened to be
born in a puppy mill, I'll answer your question. Although most
inmates in puppy mills are dogs, cats can sometimes be found
there. It all depends on how much money the owner of the
establishment wants to make.
Good animal shelters fare better than any puppy mill. My
mother was born in an animal shelter, somewhere in Northeastern
Missouri. She was purchased by Steve and Karen Wilson. They
refused to purchase a cat from a pet store. They understood that
many pet stores purchase their cats and dogs from unscrupulous
animal dealers.
The Wilsons showered my mother with love, good food, toys,
clean water, and a mini-play ground. Cats who are companion
animals must be treated well. Cat owners should only be thankful
that they have an additional member added to their family.
The toys and backyard play area of the Wilson home was the
envy of other cats in the neighborhood. On weekends and
holidays, cats and kids from the neighborhood would sneak into
the Wilson’s yard in order to play with my mother. Although the