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Part One: Thursday Dinner
Thursday just would never have been Thursday without Julia's special
“Thursday Dinner.” The invitation e-mail goes out on a Monday afternoon
to all those expats who've signed up, when the depressing effects of the
first day back at work after a mad weekend are starting to bite. Julia
worked in the office of an international school, which meant very early
starts indeed, far too early for civilized society. She was always suspicious
of how perky her Chinese colleagues were at that time on a Monday, but
then remembered that they were more sensible and saved their energy for
daytime activities over the weekend rather than for all-night booze-ups in
Sanlitun with the usual gang.
Julia was 39 years old now, and often wondered why she was still so
enticed by spending the weekend like a college student, drinking until the
early hours and getting a cab home in broad daylight and arriving back to