The Jing Part One: Thursday Dinner HTML version

“The Jing” is a new series of short stories (or maybe “novella” if I'm feeling
snooty enough), inspired by the characters and events of my book:
Spectrum: The Joy, Stress, Love and Goodbyes of Expats in Beijing
As with the book it was inspired by, I hope that this series will give people
an insight into expat life in Beijing, as well as life in China in general. It
could be that all you know about life in China is based on various news
reports talking about politics, military or economic affairs. The truth is
there's just so much more to China that makes it worthy of our attention
and even adoration. As many expats discover, you can love China without
loving its politics.
This book series is available absolutely free of charge, and I'm hoping that
people just read and enjoy. But there are more ways to keep up with “The
Read my author’s blog:
And if you like what you read, you can get the original ebook that inspired
the series on Amazon for Kindle or the Kindle App. Just search my name
and you can find it.