The Jew of Malta HTML version

Enter BELLAMIRA.[91]
BELLAMIRA. Since this town was besieg'd, my gain grows cold:
The time has been, that but for one bare night
A hundred ducats have been freely given;
But now against my will I must be chaste:
And yet I know my beauty doth not fail.
]From Venice merchants, and from Padua
Were wont to come rare-witted gentlemen,
Scholars I mean, learned and liberal;
And now, save Pilia-Borza, comes there none,
And he is very seldom from my house;
And here he comes.
Hold thee, wench, there's something for thee to spend.
[Shewing a bag of silver.]
BELLAMIRA. 'Tis silver; I disdain it.
PILIA-BORZA. Ay, but the Jew has gold,
And I will have it, or it shall go hard.
BELLAMIRA. Tell me, how cam'st thou by this?
PILIA-BORZA. Faith, walking the back-lanes, through the gardens, I chanced to cast
mine eye up to the Jew's counting-house, where I saw some bags of money, and in the
night I clambered up with my hooks; and, as I was taking my choice, I heard a rumbling
in the house; so I took only this, and run my way.--But here's the Jew's man.
BELLAMIRA. Hide the bag.
PILIA-BORZA. Look not towards him, let's away. Zoons, what a looking thou keepest!
thou'lt betray's anon.