The Jesuits HTML version

intimate knowledge of the intermediate period; many biographies
have been written, and the huge volume of the "Liber sæcularis" by
Albers brings the record down to our own days. Thus, though much
valuable information has already been made available for the general
reader the great collaborative work is far from completion. Hence the
present history of the Jesuits.
The Name — Opprobrious meanings — Caricatures of the Founder — Purpose of the Order — Early life
of Ignatius — Pampeluna — Conversion — Manresa — The Exercises — Authorship — Journey to
Palestine — The Universities — Life in Paris — First Companions — Montmartre First Vows — Assembly
at Venice. Failure to reach Palestine — First Journey to Rome — Ordination to the Priesthood — Labors
in Italy — Submits the Constitutions for Papal Approval — Guidiccioni's opposition — Issue of the Bull
Regimini — Sketch of the Institute — Crypto-Jesuits
Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Italy — Election of Ignatius — Jesuits in Ireland — "The Scotch
Doctor" — Faber and Melanchthon — Le Jay — Bobadilla — Council of Trent — Laínez, Salmer￳n,
Canisius — The Catechism — Opposition in Spain — Cano — Pius V — First Missions to America —
 The French Parliaments — Postel — Foundation of the Collegium Germanicum at Rome — Similar
Establishments in Germany — Clermont and other Colleges in France — Colloque de Poissy.
Xavier departs for the East — Goa — Around Hindostan — Malacca — The Moluccas — Return to
Goa — The Valiant Belgian — Troubles in Goa — Enters Japan — Returns to Goa — Starts for China —
 Dies off the Coast — Remains brought to Goa — Africa — Congo, Angola, Caffreria, Abyssinia —
 Brazil, Nobrega, Anchieta, Azevedo — Failure of Rodriguez in Portugal