The Janitor


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Roman Swivel is a seemingly meek and mild mannered transfer student that joins the ranks of Collingston High School's senior class and works as a student janitor. Roman immediately finds himself on the radar of the school's big man on campus and is ridiculed by his sheep-like classmates. Appearances can be deceiving, however. For beneath the surface, Roman is a gifted genius with unbelievable talents and a haunted past wrought with violence and tragedy. Hounded by his former mentor Agent Johnson, and a shadowy government agency known only as the NN, Roman seeks refuge and normalcy in this peaceful Midwestern town, where he'll unexpectedly find friendship, love, and belonging. Unfortunately, unbeknown to our hero, his choice of towns will also set him on a deadly collision course. Download this FREE e-book now!

Amy Ogden

What an amazing read! I couldn't put in down. Thanks for sharing Mr. Decker. I certainly hope to more from you. You are a very talented man.

Lemuel Moogabe

wow.......Adam, thnx hey, what a book, i was so involved and got attached to Roman and Heather, great book


Great book hard to put down well done

Roy Stevens

A great story that hooked me from the get go. Very well done Mr. Adam Decker


I really enjoyed this book. I really had trouble putting it down. Tell Adam to continue writting, he has done a great job.


I am only 60% through this book and already it is going into my top 10.There is never a dull moment and you really get attached to the main character.I'll be looking for more books by Adam Decker.Excellent!!Thank you.

James Goodwin

Great, I am a prolific reader and I give Adam Decker a "10". Thank you, Jim


This is a very good book. It keeps the reader interested. I loved it!

Amanda Curits-Wilson

Loved this book - top of my holiday reads this year. Well written, engaging, multi faceted characters and great story development. I thought this may have been a bit of a 'teen read' but was glad to find it was anything but. I'd certainly recommend it to others and would read more from this author - quality penmanship!

mp fdos

Very good book. I really liked it. Things keep happening all thorough out the book. I would recommend to anyone looking for a good entertainment. I hope the author keeps writing!

jonathan dagaerag

loved it,read it in the office, working night shift, kept me from falling asleep..


This book had me hooked from the first page. I hope we get to read more about Roman!!

michael crockett

excellent book grabs your attention and holds it throughout.

Shannon smith

Fabulous book! Could not put it down. Thanks!


Great book. I will be reading anything else that Adam Decker decides to write.

Lachlan Turner

I loved this book. Took me a little over a day to read. Could not put it down.


This one is hard to put down. Fantastic book, a must read.


Dear Adam Decker.Thanks for ‘The Janitor’.You’re a great writer. The book was unputdownable. Your nature descriptions of sky, clouds, weather, plants scenery is superb.Your character descriptions are perfect—I could imagine and picture every one of your diverse and believable characters. Your depiction of college life, ball games, social life… all are incredibly good. Most of all, though, your wondrously improbably perfect hero, Roman, is everything a hero has to be. As for plot; it’s gripping, complicated, well paced, well constructed. And the snippets of wisdom, philosophy, good sense that permeate the book—brilliant.I have to confess, though, that I became so engrossed in the adventures of Roman, and my adrenalin was pumping so hard that, despite the excellent writing, I skipped and skimmed almost all the pages in which he didn’t feature—including all the baseball stuff, and most of the school stuff not directly related to Roman.In my opinion the wealth of excellently written supporting material detracted from the pace. I reckon you’ve at least two excellent novels here, one is the fast paced thriller, and the other is the beautifully observed college life. This ranks among my favourite thrillers of the year… you’re now sitting alongside my favourite author, Chris Brookmyre. The huge bonus for me is that instead of my usual despair about the U.S.A., I agree with your basic philosophy regarding secret agents and violence as the way to peace. Your tale is not far from the truth; the U.S.A. has secret hit squads similar to NN in 120 countries now… not the way to make friends, but certainly the way to invite terrorists. This line fromChapter 12 sums up that aspect of the U.S.A. perfectly… You don’t preach. You let us form our own opinions of the characters as they expose their characters with their actions. This is so good! The formatting of the eBook, however, leaves a lot to be desired. There are numbers inserted here and there throughout the book that have nothing to do with the story, there are hundreds of very odd line and paragraph breaks, and several editing typos and errors that deserve attention. If you aren’t already on then I suggest you go there, download their free excellent guidelines for formatting an eBook, take the trouble to do it, then put your brilliant book on their site as well.


The most professionally written book I have read on this site! Even though the story line may not appeal, the writing style alone keeps you reading it and interested in the characters right through to the end. 10 out of 10 (and I'm not known for my kindness to the authors on this site!) Read it. And can someone get this author published! If I was in the business, I would.


I enjoyed reading this book and I look forward to its sequel!


Adam Decker

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