The Isles of Siciliy HTML version

In collecting material for these notes on Scilly, I have endeavoured
to prepare myself more or less to qualify for the former class; but
now that they are complete it is with diffidence that I present them.
They are but the impressions of an artist, recorded in colour and in
ink, together with so much of the history of the islands and of
general description as is necessary to comply with the unwritten
law of colour-books.
For my historical facts I am indebted to many writers, ancient and
modern. A list of the chief of these appears at the end of the book,
so that my readers may refer, if they wish, to the original
[Pg 6]
My best thanks are due to Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, for permission
to quote his description of the kelping, and for other help he has
kindly given me; to my friend Miss Emma Gollancz, for seeing my
proofs through the press; and also to the many friends in Scilly
from whom I have received assistance and information.
October, 1910.
This second edition of “The Isles of Scilly” is issued in response to
many requests that the book should appear in a cheaper form, the
original edition having completely sold out.
A few slight alterations in the letterpress have been necessary, to
correspond with changes that have taken place in the islands; but
otherwise the contents are identical with those of the original issue.