The Island of Doctor Moreau HTML version

The Sayers of the Law
THEN something cold touched my hand. I started violently, and saw close to me a dim
pinkish thing, looking more like a flayed child than anything else in the world. The
creature had exactly the mild but repulsive features of a sloth, the same low forehead and
slow gestures.
As the first shock of the change of light passed, I saw about me more distinctly. The little
sloth-like creature was standing and staring at me. My conductor had vanished. The place
was a narrow passage between high walls of lava, a crack in the knotted rock, and on
either side interwoven heaps of sea-mat, palm-fans, and reeds leaning against the rock
formed rough and impenetrably dark dens. The winding way up the ravine between these
was scarcely three yards wide, and was disfigured by lumps of decaying fruit-pulp and
other refuse, which accounted for the disagreeable stench of the place.
The little pink sloth-creature was still blinking at me when my Ape-man reappeared at the
aperture of the nearest of these dens, and beckoned me in. As he did so a slouching
monster wriggled out of one of the places, further up this strange street, and stood up in
featureless silhouette against the bright green beyond, staring at me. I hesitated, having
half a mind to bolt the way I had come; and then, determined to go through with the
adventure, I gripped my nailed stick about the middle and crawled into the little evil-
smelling lean-to after my conductor.
It was a semi-circular space, shaped like the half of a bee-hive; and against the rocky wall
that formed the inner side of it was a pile of variegated fruits, cocoa-nuts among others.
Some rough vessels of lava and wood stood about the floor, and one on a rough stool.
There was no fire. In the darkest corner of the hut sat a shapeless mass of darkness that
grunted "Hey!" as I came in, and my Ape-man stood in the dim light of the doorway and
held out a split cocoa-nut to me as I crawled into the other corner and squatted down. I
took it, and began gnawing it, as serenely as possible, in spite of a certain trepidation and
the nearly intolerable closeness of the den. The little pink sloth-creature stood in the
aperture of the hut, and something else with a drab face and bright eyes came staring over
its shoulder.
"Hey!" came out of the lump of mystery opposite. "It is a man."
"It is a man," gabbled my conductor, "a man, a man, a five-man, like me."
"Shut up!" said the voice from the dark, and grunted. I gnawed my cocoa-nut amid an
impressive stillness.
I peered hard into the blackness, but could distinguish nothing.
"It is a man," the voice repeated. "He comes to live with us?"