The Intersection of Human Rights and Culture HTML version

The Intersection of Human Rights and Culture
and the Deconstruction of Stereotypes:
The Cultural Perspectives and Analogous Stereotypes
Intrinsic in Genital Modification Surgeries – A Case Study of
Female Genital Cutting, Sex Reassignment Surgery, and
Surgery on Ambivalent Genitalia
Culture and human rights frequently intersect; a phenomenon that will be analysed through the case
study of various forms of genital modification surgeries. This research essay examines three forms of
genital modification; female genital cutting (FGC), sex reassignment surgery, and surgery on
ambivalent genitalia, and compares and contrasts the Western and Muslim cultural perspectives that
surround these particular forms of genital surgeries. Stereotypes about these cultural viewpoints are
investigated and uniformly broken down in an effort to demonstrate the vari ability inherent in
Melissa Pichard
Advisor: Professor Jacobo Schifter
M.A. in Sustainable Peace in the Contemporary World
February 21 st, 2013
University for Peace