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The Internet Real Estate Yellow Pages
Thank you for taking the time to review this real estate link directory. Granted
there are 1000’s of other links and many of the ones found here may change or
become obsolete themselves. I would be grateful to you if in your travels you find
a truly worthwhile real estate related site, that you would send us that link so that
we may review and consider adding it to the directories quarterly updated
edition. Please send only what you yourself would consider valuable; sales pages,
advertisements and valueless submissions would be examples of things none of us
want to see. Submit to
What you have here is the result of two years of individual effort to hunt down
and review sites worthy of your time. After reviewing over 2500 sites I have about
400 that for one reason or another I thought had value, the side benefit to those
two years of actively investigating these sites is that I was able to get to know the
people who owned and operated them! This has proven to be a valuable piece of
the puzzle because these owners and webmasters in many cases are very
knowledgeable and willing to help others with their services and advice.
You will find that they will be showing up occasionally on the bulletin boards at
our site to regularly inform, support and offer advice in their fields of expertise.
This is what I call value-added service!
Some thoughts follow on how you may begin to use this list of links:
1. Give it to members of your investment circle so that everyone has access to
a time-saving tool. (Hopefully they will thank you for it!)
2. Use the listings to quickly jump to sites that you think can get you off to a
good start when initially beginning research.
3. Review the list periodically to trigger a thought which can give you further
ideas in reaching whatever goal you decide to pursue.
4. Visit the individual sites to review them yourself; there is much to be
gained by going into the sites and understanding all they have to offer.
5. Use this link:
personally research and e-mail the people who are behind the scenes; a
phone call is often better then text messaging.