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[The Internet Marketing Gameplan]
Hello, James Molfetas here. Thank you so much for your interest in The Internet Marketing
Gameplan. I promise that you will not be disappointed. In the next few short hours, you are finally
about to discover exactly how the entire internet marketing process works!
Before you commence on this exciting journey, I would like to offer you two quick words of advice
that will exponentially improve your learning experience.
Firstly, print out the two page flow chart at the back of this book. Keep it in front of you at all times
as you follow along in the notes because being able to see the “big picture” as you cover each small
component will accelerate your learning experience and your understanding of the material.
If you are a more visual person and you have not already done so, feel free to download the FREE
video version of this book at It is broken down into 10 modules totalling
just over 5-hours of no-fluff content. Once you have finished either reading this book or watching
the videos, you will know more than 95% of all internet marketers which means that you will
probably be able to crush your competition!
I created this course for internet marketing Newbies. My definition of newbie has nothing to do with
the amount time that you have been trying to make money online. If you currently make less than
$1,000 per month online, then this course is specifically designed to help you break the $1,000 per
month barrier. The hardest thing is to make your first dollar. After that, the next milestone is to
make $1,000. And if you can make $1,000 then you can make anything because the principals that
you need to make $1,000 are the same as the principals to make $100,000!
So the first goal is to get you to make $1 if you have not already done so, and then to make $1,000
per month
The two most common frustrations that internet marketing Newbies (people earning less than
$1,000 per month) have are:
1. Not knowing where to start building an online business and
2. Total information overload!
This leads to total overwhelm which causes many people to quit the game or they just never get
started. This is what this book is about. I created it to help Newbies who just do not know who to
turn to for help or how to turn their current online efforts into a profitable online business.
I spent a year studying internet marketing before I got my first site up because I did not know where
to start. Once I did start, as soon as I learned about a topic, it would naturally lead me to another
topic. I would then study this topic, and guess what, it would lead me to another topic. It was like
trying to complete a giant 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzle but without having the box with the picture of
what I was trying to build.
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