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When using Camtasia or Screenflow, you can also rip the audio from any video that you produce at
the touch of a button to create instant MP3’s. This suddenly gives you two products when you make
a video!
This can again take two forms. Most software is simply downloaded directly nowadays but in rare
circumstances you can still get it on a disc. This is not the two forms of software product that I am
referring to though.
You can either sell the software outright where the customer pays a once-off fee and then owns the
software and can use it forever without having to pay again or you could get customers to pay
annual license fees or better yet monthly fees.
In this case the software is often online software so the customer does not have to download it to
their desktop. They can log into the software from any computer with internet access anywhere in
the world.
For example, if you buy Microsoft office, you only pay once and then you can use it over and over.
You would only ever have to pay again if you decide to upgrade to a later version. If you chose not
to upgrade, you would never have to pay again.
I pay an annual license fee for my accounting system. Each year they invoice me, I pay them and
they send me a new license key to unlock the program for another year.
The best examples of monthly billing are for recurring services. You pay monthly web hosting fees
for example. I also pay a monthly fee to Aweber for my auto responder.
Another popular product nowadays is the lowly “app”. Millions of apps get sold every month now
for cell phones, IPads and other tablets. If you can dream it, someone has (or will) create an app for
it! Make sure that you are the one who creates the app to fill an important need.
This is a great example of when to outsource product creation to a skilled programmer. We are
going to look at outsourcing in a little while.
One of the biggest challenges for internet marketers is how to get their content. They are looking
for ideas and for the actual content which they will package at the end of the day. Clearly if you
want to succeed as a top internet marketer, you will need to have original content that is in demand.
Let us look at some useful places to get content.
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