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Again you can ship a physical product or just let customers download the video and watch it
instantly. Another option is to allow customers to “stream” the video feed without them having to
download the product. This will allow you to protect the video content if you feel this is necessary.
Obviously they will have to be online while they watch your video.
Producing videos is actually much easier than you may think. With the advent of high definition,
relatively inexpensive video cameras can produce amazing video quality. In the world of information
marketing, you do not need to create “studio perfect” videos.
People appreciate raw and real because they associate more with “real people”. Many marketers
will often leave mistakes that they made in their videos just to show their customers their human
Almost every successful internet marketer today produces screen capture videos. There is fantastic
software available that allows you to record everything that you see and hear on your computer
screen. The most popular form that this takes is creating a PowerPoint presentation and then
recording the screen while recoding the audio and then producing a video. For internet marketing
applications, one can show customers exactly how one performs certain functions. Very powerful
If you are going to create videos you really should consider investing in commercial screen capture
software. Techsmith produces the premier product called Camtasia, which is available for PC and
Mac. The videos that you are can download for free with this book were produced using Camtasia.
Mac users often prefer a program called Screenflow because they say that it works better for the
Mac than Camtasia.
If you are going to be a successful internet marketer, you WILL NEED TO PRODUCE VIDEOS. These
two products are the gold standard and you really should think of them as a business expense. Buy
them once and use them forever. If you use a PC, get Camtasia and if you use a Mac get Screenflow.
Note, there are certain free programs that will allow you to create basic videos such as Windows®
Live Moviemaker, Cam Studio and Jing. These are ok to start with but if you are serious about
internet marketing, you should invest in the commercial programs.
Audio is still a very popular choice because people can consume the product while doing other
things so it does not cost them any extra time. I have listened to countless information products on
my IPod while I was driving or at gym.
The mp3 player is now a household necessity. Apple has helped develop this market with their IPod
but there are many other mp3 players out there.
There are many ways to record audio. You can either purchase audio software or utilise online
services that will allow you to phone in to their system and record your message. They will then
create the MP3s for you and then email it you. Easy as that!
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