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The easiest way to ensure the success of your product is to ask people what they want. You are
trying to find out what their biggest frustrations, fears and problems are. If you can produce a
product that solves a problem, you have a winner on your hands. What better way to create a
product than by getting people to tell you what their biggest fears, frustrations and problems are.
There are many ways to do this. You can do it by researching what people are saying by reading
things like blogs, newsletters and forums. This is often a very good way to find out what people are
talking about even though it can be a bit time consuming.
A great way to find out what people want is simply to ask them.
There are numerous online survey sites which will allow you to set up an online survey with as many
questions as you like. You then just need to drive people to the survey and ask them what they
Normally you would do so with the promise of something free for the time they took to fill out the
survey. When I launched my garage sale blueprint product, I asked people what they wanted me to
cover in my course. In return I gave a free copy of the course to the people who participated in my
survey once it was complete.
There are some very good paid survey options out there but there are also several free options. I did
a small pay per click (PPC) campaign on Google where I paid for the traffic when I recently launched
one of my products called Garage Sale Blueprint. It was however a small price to pay because it gave
me a chance to assess the size of my market and what they wanted. So if my results were terrible, I
would have known upfront that the product would probably not sell and thus I should forget the
idea at that point before I spent any more time and money developing the product. If it got a poor
response, I would have only been out of pocket by a few bucks and I may have had a dented ego for
a few days!
If you have a subscriber list or a blog, you can use these resources to do your survey. It is often a
good idea to survey your existing customers regularly to ensure you keep giving them world class
It will also give you new ideas for products that you can develop for them!
Once your research is complete and you have a high demand product, you simply create your
product and cover all the items that your customers asked for when you did your survey.
A good trick is to use this survey information to write your sales letter before your create your
product! You simply use all the points that your customers mentioned in your sales letter and make
sure you cover all the important points, and then you build your product to agree to the sales letter.
And you are done!
You do not have to sell your own product. There may be products available that you can simply re-
sell as an affiliate (we will talk more about this later)
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