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You are going to hear a lot about keyword research. It is the cornerstone of all internet marketing.
For example, let us say that you are looking for information on “low carb diets”. Most people would
just go to Google and type in “low carb diets” and Google would return millions of results.
The three words that you type in (low carb diets) are what are known as keywords. Keywords can be
single words or a phrase like this consisting of 3 or more words. This is what makes the whole
internet world go round.
Now what if there were only a few thousand search results returned by Google for this keyword
phrase? Well, it would probably mean that there is not enough demand in the market for this
Google has a free key word tool that you can find by just typing in “Google keyword tool” into the
search engines. Or you can click here for the Free Google Keyword Tool
This tool will tell you how many times a month people search for any given keyword.
It will also make suggestions to you for other keywords that are related to your search and how
many times a month that key word is searched for. So “Atkins” or “Atkins diet” or “high protein
diet” are related keywords that you need to look at.
Becoming good at keyword research is absolutely critical to all internet marketers. There are many
specialist keyword tools on the market that perform different functions than what we have looked at
here. These are normally paid tools but can often be useful. However the free Google tool is
generally sufficient for most applications. The paid tools automate many manual processes that you
would have to perform with the Google tool and this is often where their value lies because in most
instances they use the Google search engine to get their raw keyword data.
Keywords have many uses such as giving an indication of the potential demand of the product. It
also helps us to determine which keywords to target for a pay per click campaign or to help us
optimise our websites so that we can be found in Google when someone types in “low carb diet”.
This is known as Search Engine Optimization of SEO for short. That is a whole topic on its own and
will be covered in a later book.
Once you have chosen your niche, you need to determine what products your target market will
actually pay for. So many people develop products that they thought were great and then nobody
buys them.
Here is one of the most important things I will tell you in this course so listen carefully! PEOPLE BUY
Especially if you are developing your own information product, you do not want to waste time and
money doing so if nobody is going to buy it.
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