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Often times, the smaller AND THUS MORE TARGETED the niche group you are catering for, the
greater the profit potential! This is generally because the more targeted you make your niche, the
more specialised the products or knowledge required in this niche. This will mean that people will
be prepared to pay more for these products or information.
So for example you may broadly know what PPC is but in order for you to actually make money from
it, you will have to study it quite comprehensively and there are far fewer people who are true
experts on the topic. Their knowledge is thus not as freely available as other topics may be and so
they can charge a lot of money for this specialised knowledge.
Now that you know what a niche is and what the goal of choosing a successful niche is, you will want
to look at your own personal expertise as a starting point to brainstorm different potential niches to
create a business around.
Generally it is preferable to pick a niche that you are knowledgeable about at the very least. The
best niche is one which you are passionate about. This will become important when you have to
continually create new content. It is much easier doing something that you love.
That said, while it is preferable to love your topic and know a bit about it, it is not essential! If you
read 3-5 books on a topic, you will effectively be “an expert”.
There are many checklists and ideas that you can follow to brainstorm your interests. You can use
the one included in this course to help you to brainstorm niche ideas.
Once you have a number of potential topics, you need to narrow down your selection to find the
niche that is best suited to you. This is where you need to start doing some research.
You then need to research if there really is a market for your chosen niche. This is where Google
comes into play. The key is to determine how popular a topic is.
Contrary to what seems logical, often the more competitors in a niche the better! This is because it
proves that there is a demand in the niche and hence money.
Your job is to establish how profitable the potential niche is by the number of people interested in it.
You will then determine how many competitors there are and what types of products they are
selling and of course how much they are charging. Then you want to determine whether you can
make a better product that your customers will be prepared to buy from you.
Of course on very rare occasions you may be able to find a great niche with little or no competition.
This is jackpot time baby! While this does not happen often because of the maturity of internet
marketing, it does happen.
Now it is time to do keyword research.
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