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[The Internet Marketing Gameplan]
Now you need to research the ideas that you brainstormed to determine whether there is a high
probability of being able to make money out of the niche that you have chosen.
3) Lastly you conduct an “Ask Campaign”
You do this in order to develop products that your market WANTS. The best thing to do is to simply
ask your customers what they want and then when they tell you, you simply create the products
that meet all their ‘wants”. Then sell it to them!
Now let us take a look at these factors in a lot more detail.
If you want to make money online, you must have something to sell. It could be a product or a
service. The first thing you have to do is determine which NICHE you are going to sell your products
or services to. Picking a niche is the starting point of successful internet marketing.
By definition, a niche is a segment of a larger market.
More specifically, it is a FOCUSSED, TARGETABLE portion of a market. A niche is just a fancy way of
describing a group of people with a particular interest. For example chess players, gardeners, rose
gardeners, raw food dieters, golfers, internet marketers and the list just goes on and on.
These people are a tightly knit group of people with a specific NEED or WANT. If you know more
than anyone else about your niche and you can satisfy their wants or needs, then they will be
prepared to pay you for this and you have the basis for a profitable online business.
In many ways, the process of finding a niche is the most difficult part of the process of starting your
online business. If you get it wrong you will spend many wasted hours pouring yourself into
products that do not sell.
This is perhaps best illustrated by an example:
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