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[The Internet Marketing Gameplan]
You will probably have noticed that the stuff you probably wanted first, the seven online business
models, is the last thing I discuss. There is a very good reason for this and I urge you not to skip
ahead. Complete the modules in the order that I have presented them to you. Once you have
completed the entire book, you will realise that NO MATTER WHICH MONETIZATION MODEL YOU
CHOOSE, everything that you learn in this course will be relevant to any of the models. It will all just
fall into place.
I have to warn you from the outset that this is not a get rich quick scheme even though some people
are lucky. I want you to understand that while the rewards are great, you will have to work for it
So you really need two things:
1. The willingness to put in the required work (or outsource it!) and
2. The willingness to learn the business (reading this book is your first step).
Generally as you get better at the business and it becomes more established, you can then work less
and earn more but this is usually not so when you start.
I do think that having some money to start will definitely help but it is not essential. You could really
start with as little as $100, or less if you really had to.
As I introduce you to the different concepts, I will recommend many tools that you will need or find
useful. Some will be free and some you will have to pay for if you choose to use them. Many tools
are just “nice to have” but there are a few ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL TOOLS that you will need. I will
tell you which ones you REALLY NEED.
I warn you now that you can spend an absolute fortune on internet marketing products. While I
have no real problem with this because I have spent my fair share on them, I will try to help you
spend your money wisely. I will consequently recommend many free tools that you can use,
especially early on in your career. I will also provide you with many resources. As you become more
experienced you will know if you need to invest in any particular area.
We are going to get the ball rolling by learning all about how to pick your niche. This is the first of
the six steps that you need to master in order to make money online.
This module has 3 components: .
1) The first thing is “How to determine a niche”
This is the first step where you need to brainstorm ideas for a niche that you want to build a
business around.
2) The next step is “Keyword research”
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