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[The Internet Marketing Gameplan]
1. Pick a niche - A niche is just a fancy way of describing a group of people with a particular
Many people have great difficulty with this when they first start. If you are a newbie and I ask you
right now, what niche will you choose, can you give me an answer?
Also, many internet marketers will be active in multiple niches. You probably also have a lot more
marketable skills than you realise.
2. Create or source your product - Each niche is different and so it will require different products.
These products could be physical products or virtual downloadable products. I will give you a far
more detailed product creation session later but for now just know that there are MANY more
possibilities than you can imagine.
3. Create your sales funnel – This may be one of the most important things you learn in this
course. So many Newbies just have no inkling about this because the gurus seldom talk about it.
Basically, this is designing your entire business model before you build your website. Your success as
an internet marketer depends on how you build your sales funnel.
4. Build your website – By the time you have chosen your niche and the type of product you will
sell and after you have mapped out your sales funnel, you will then know which type of website to
build. You will build different types of sites for different business models. Website creation will
need to take the technical details of the business into account. For example, you will need to find a
way to collect the money from your customers before you deliver their goods or you may need a
shopping cart depending on your business model.
This section also covers the basics of how to register domains and purchase hosting.
5. Drive traffic to your website - Once you have your product set up on your website which is
integrated with your merchant account, you then need to tell the world that you exist. All of your
efforts will be wasted if nobody knows about or ever visits your site.
By far the vast majority internet marketing products focus on this area. This is effectively the
“marketing” part of “internet marketing”. There are basically 2 ways to get people to your site. This
involves spending TIME, MONEY OR BOTH.
We will look at free traffic, paid traffic and how to get traffic using joint ventures and affiliates. We
will also look at how best to convert this traffic into paying customers by constantly tracking our
conversions and tweaking our sales funnel to maximise our conversions.
6. Seven different online monetization models - To qualify for my listing, it has to be a
BUSINESS and not a job. A job is where you trade your time for money, such as writing articles for
people and charging for it. A job will not get you the internet marketing lifestyle that we all desire.
You need to be able to make money when you are not there. Typically, you put in the work up front,
for which you do not immediately get paid but if you do it right, you only have to do it once and get
paid forever! That my friends, is the Holy Grail.
At the end we will build your own personalised online business plan together.
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