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[The Internet Marketing Gameplan]
The ultimate aim is to build up a framework for you, to show you the big picture. I will also show
you where all of the smaller components fit into the big picture.
We will do this in a logical and systematic way. We will do this in bite-size chunks to avoid
overwhelming you. Each module / chapter will build on the previous one.
At the end I will then take you through the entire process and help you map out a plan that is
appropriate for YOU to launch an online business. This will be based on your personality and your
available resources (mainly time and money).
The value here is that you spend a little bit of good quality time upfront to determine which type of
internet marketing business best suits you. You then understand which tools and technologies you
need to research and then you do ONLY THAT! If you do not, you could find yourself being a student
for too long and not actually making any money.
First I am going to give you a good broad overview of the fundamental concepts. This is not really
rocket science; the difficulty comes when looking at the various different component parts. I have
broken this down into JUST SIX concepts.
From this I will further break each overall concept into its smaller individual parts.
Then we will get to the detail of each of these groups as this is where the rubber hits the road. The
devil is really in the detail. I will give you an overview of what each small component consists of.
I will show you how it fits into the big picture and then I will suggest appropriate resources should
you need more information on any topic.
At the end, after we have built up a comprehensive overview of the process of making money
online, I will take you through a process to help you formulate your own online business plan that
suits your personality and your personal circumstances.
The course is broken down into these 6 areas and it is done in a specific order:
1. Pick a niche
2. Create or source your product
3. Create your sales funnel
4. Build your website
5. Drive traffic to your website
6. Seven different online monetization models
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