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[The Internet Marketing Gameplan]
This was frustrating for two reasons:
Firstly, I began to think that this process of discovery would never end. I came very close to giving
up. Fortunately after a year of this, I found that I had learned all of the pieces of the puzzle and
more importantly because I now knew what the big picture looked like, I also knew where each
piece of this internet marketing jigsaw was supposed to fit.
Secondly, I studied stuff that I did not need. At least, I did not need it at the time. I was just building
little segments of the jigsaw puzzle without knowing where they fit into the big picture. Had I known
this in advance by having knowledge of the overall picture (the cover on the box) then I would have
known which things to study at that particular time in my journey as an internet marketer.
And this is why I developed this book /course. It was borne out of my own personal frustration and
as I discovered when I did some research, this is a major stumbling block for so many Newbies. So
many people are too overwhelmed by information overload and not knowing where to start, that
they never start.
My definition is: “it is the process of selling (marketing) products and / or services on the internet to
make money.”
This whole process can be summarized in 3 steps:
1. Pick a niche whom you want to sell something to
2. Ask them what they want
3. Give it to them - sell them what they want!
So for example, I am involved in the internet marketing niche, I have determined that most
marketers do not know where to start or feel overwhelmed by information overload and so I
produced this course / book.
So as you can see this is a simple process, it is just not easy!
Before I give you the structure of the course, I just want to give you a bit of encouragement.
You do not need to know everything - There are so many different facets to internet marketing that
you will probably never be an expert at all of them. Anyway, technology changes every day! The
goal with this book is to give you a good overview of as many elements as I could think of that could
potentially be involved in your internet marketing business.
You do not have to be a “techie” person – In some ways it is better not to be technically proficient!
I say this because then you will tend to spend a lot of time doing technical things, which you could
easily outsource to others. This time, I believe, could be better spent in other aspects of your
business. I started with zero technical skills. Today while I am not brilliant, I have come a long way
Nothing is complicated – in all of my research, I never came across instances where people said
things were complicated. There are resources to find out how to do anything and as already
mentioned, you can just outsource stuff that you feel you cannot do or you simply do not want to
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