The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, The African HTML version

work so wholly devoid of literary merit; but, as the production of
an unlettered African, who is actuated by the hope of becoming an
instrument towards the relief of his suffering countrymen, I trust
that such a man, pleading in such a cause, will be acquitted of
boldness and presumption.
May the God of heaven inspire your hearts with peculiar
benevolence on that important day when the question of Abolition
is to be discussed, when thousands, in consequence of your
Determination, are to look for Happiness or Misery!
I am, My Lords and Gentlemen, Your
most obedient, And devoted humble servant, Olaudah
Equiano,or Gustavus Vassa.
Union-Street, Mary-le-bone,March 24, 1789.
His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.His Royal Highness the
Duke of York.
 The Right Hon. the Earl of
AilesburyAdmiral AffleckMr. William Abington, 2
copiesMr. John AbrahamJames Adair, Esq.Reverend Mr.
AldridgeMr. John AlmonMrs. ArnotMr. Joseph
ArmitageMr. Joseph AshpinshawMr. Samuel AtkinsMr. John
AtwoodMr. Thomas AtwoodMr. AshwellJ.C. Ashworth,
 His Grace the Duke of BedfordHer Grace the
Duchess of BuccleughThe Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of
BangorThe Right Hon. Lord BelgraveThe Rev. Doctor
BakerMrs. BakerMatthew Baillie, M.D.Mrs. BaillieMiss
BaillieMiss J. BaillieDavid Barclay, Esq.Mr. Robert
BarrettMr. William BarrettMr. John BarnesMr. John
BasnettMr. BatemanMrs. Baynes, 2 copiesMr. Thomas