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about the incredible sacrifices, madness, and the naked truth of
World War II.
Looking back though…it was hell on earth for the approxi-
mately three to four hundred million people directly affected
during the war and the postwar years. The proverb “War for Peace”
remains a blistering slur to those who lost someone close to their
hearts. Remarkably, many took refuge in believing their sacrifice
was necessary to save the world from evil. In a few short years, yes-
terday’s enemy is today’s ally. Tomorrow this may change again.
The shift of power is fickle and always suspect. Financial gain and
corrupt power quickly dislodges compassion and common sense.
Whatever the reason, the transfer of power has always been at the
expense of Joe Average. Ignorance and fanaticism demand a hefty
price. The failure to admit that war can never bring lasting peace
proves humanity is still in diapers.
Transferring power secretly, perhaps the oldest pervasive tactic
known to implement total control, is implemented by megapowers
worldwide. Even the “educated” masses are by and large ignorant;
successful indoctrination rules their lives. Have we become what
George Orwell called “hollow dummies”?
It would take several lifetimes to read all that has been written