The Incredible Shrinking Bogey Bear HTML version

which were made from old camera lenses, flashed on and off with bright yellow pin
pricks of light as his batteries recharged.
“What about my favourite little girl?” Dad asked as he opened the fridge to
get the milk, “How are you this fine and sunny morning?”
Morgan slurped the milk off her spoon before she answered. “I’m okay, Dad.
It’s a lovely day out there.”
The switch on the kettle flicked up and Dad poured hot water into his mug.
“Mmmm”, he said, “it is, but it’s still a bit chilly out in the shed. Make sure you wrap
up if you come outside.”
For a man with a brain the size of a small planet Dad could be incredibly
stupid. He wasn’t really paying attention and he overfilled his mug. The boiling water
spilled all over the kitchen work top and some of it splashed onto his foot and, of
course, straight onto his big toe, which was sticking out of the hole in his sock. Dad
clattered the kettle back onto its base and hopped up and down, rubbing his toe and
yelling, “Ouch!” Morgan and Bogey Bear both burst out laughing. In their own
special ways they both loved Dad to bits but he was a bit of a plo nker!
Eventually Dad calmed down and wrapped his throbbing toe in a tea towel.
He was leaning against the fridge sipping his hot tea. He looked like one of those old
Victorian gentlemen with a bad case of gout from one of Morgan’s history books.
“So, what are you two going to do today?” he asked.
There was never any doubt that Morgan and Bogey Bear would be together.
Ever since Dad had cobbled together the bits, ever since he had wired and soldered
and invented her favourite little green ball of fun, Morga n and Bogey Bear had been
“I don’t know yet”, replied Morgan. “Maybe we’ll watch a bit of telly this
morning or play a game.”
What Morgan really wanted to do was spend the morning in the shed with her
Dad. She was fascinated by his machines and tools. Morgan knew that her Dad was
an engineer and he worked for a computer company, but that was during the week
and terribly boring. The stuff that she really loved was in the Shed. Dad was an
inventor, a mad professor, and that was cool.
“Can I come to the shed?” she asked.
Dad shook his head slowly. “Too dangerous today, darling. Remember I told
you about the miniaturiser thingy? Well, I’m going to be testing it this morning and
that means I’ve got to be very, very careful. It’s not a place for a little girl, I’m afraid.
Imagine what Mum would say if I made you six inches tall. It’d be like that silly
Morgan pulled a long, glum face.
Dad walked over and put his hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry, love, I just
think it’s best. I’m sure you and Bogey can get up to more than enough mischief.”
“When he’s recharged” said Morgan grumpily.
“Well, it won’t take long”, replied Dad, “and anyway you’ve got to get
dressed yet. I bet by the time you get back down here Bogey will be running on full