The Incredible Shrinking Bogey Bear HTML version

realised that it was Saturday, which, of course, meant no school. She sank back onto
the bed and rested her head on the pillow. It was far too early to be awake, she told
herself, and she closed her eyes again.
There was a slight movement underneath the duvet, right next to where
Morgan was laying down. If she really listened hard she could hear a faint whine like
a robot in a science fiction film. A shape started to crawl up the bed, the alien lump
under the bed covers moving ever closer to Morgan’s head. From underneath the
duvet she could hear the odd grunt. Morgan rolled over onto her side and sleepily
lifted the duvet cover.
“Good morning, Bogey”, she mumbled, and she reached down and picked up
a bright green teddy bear. Morgan hugged the bear, snuggling him into the soft skin
and hair at her neck. Amazingly, the teddy bear nuzzled down into Morgan’s warm
pyjamas without anyone’s help. Morgan smiled contentedly to herself as she listened
to the sound of tiny electric motors whirring as the little green bear moved about the
The sound of spoons rattling in cereal bowls drifted up the stairs. Water
splashed from a tap. A chair scraped across a wooden floor. Morgan could hea r
footsteps at the bottom of the stairs.
“Morgan, love, are you awake?”
It was mum. It took Morgan a couple of seconds to focus on her mother’s
voice. „O f course’, thought Morgan, „she’s going to work’.
“Wakey, wakey, Morgie, I’m off now.”
Still holding Bogey Bear tight, Morgan jumped out of bed, ran out of her
bedroom and stood at the top of the stairs.
“There you are”, said her mum. “Don’t forget to ask your Dad for breakfast.
He’s in the shed…again!”
Morgan wiped some sleepy dust from her eyes, smiled and waved from the
top of the stairs as her mother put on her coat. She worked in an Estate Agent’s office
in town and every other Saturday she had to show people around houses.
As Morgan’s Mum walked out of the front door she called out one more time.
“Be good, love. See you later”.
The front door slammed shut.
“Bye, Mum”, Morgan called out, “Have a good day. Love you.”
From under Morgan’s chin Bogey Bear lifted a furry green paw and waved
bye-bye too.
Dressed in a pair of old and frayed blue jeans, a baggy pink tee-shirt and red
socks with a hole where the big toe should be, Dad poured milk onto Morgan’s
cornflakes and yawned. He had been hard at work in the shed since seven o’clock and
he needed a nice cup of tea.
“Feeling alright?” he asked as he filled the kettle.
Bogey Bear nodded. He was sitting on the kitchen work top next to the
toaster, where he was plugged into an old mobile phone charger. His little black eyes,