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The Incident
By K.E. Ward
In the town of Glenwood, New Hampshire, a large, old
school building perched on the edge of a hill some two
miles from the center of town. It had gray and brown
stones and small, square windows encircling its perimeter.
It was Williams Davis Elementary School, the daytime
home for the town's bright young minds.
On a cool September day, the sky was completely white
with clouds, but no breeze blew through the trees, some of
which were already beginning to turn shades of orange and
red. Blackbirds dotted the trees surrounding the
schoolhouse. Restless, they flew from branch to branch,
seemingly in search of more suitable arrangements. The
mighty evergreens stood amongst their coloring neighbors as
reminders of the recent, indeed very green summer in
Glenwood that year. There had been a lot of rain, and of
course, a lot of life to show for it. But the residents of
the town were excitedly awaiting the prime of fall,
arguably their most beautiful season. Nestled between two