The Impossibles HTML version

Since the publication of BRAIN TWISTER (Pyramid Book F-783), Mark
(Laurence M. Janifer) Phillips (Randall Philip Garrett) has, or have, un-
dergone several changes. In order to keep the reader posted on the latest
developments regarding this author, or these authors, he, or they, has, or
have, passed on the following details:
GARRETT is still engaged. He and his charming fiancee plan to run
out of excuses during the early Fall of 1994, but this date may be changed
at any time by mutual agreement, or the end of the world. He has given
up an interest in river pollution in favor of a new hobby, grading type-
cleaner. Garrett, who spends an hour each day expanding his repertoire,
now claims the ability to distinguish year and vineyard for over one
thousand type-cleaners.
JANIFER is still on the other hand. He has had his eyeglasses cleaned,
and is happy to report that he has recently met a woman. The woman,
however, seems to have been looking for a man. Janifer's hobbies, hum-
ming and blinking, remain constant, but in an effort to add more health-
ful activity to his life he has begun training in leaping to conclusions. He
states that he can now clear a conclusion of better than seven feet, eight
and one-half inches from a running start.
THE IMPOSSIBLES was written in six days. On the seventh day, noth-
ing of any interest whatsoever occurred.