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24. Prince Maiyo Bids High
Inspector Jacks was in luck at last. Eleven times he had called at St. Thomas's Hospital
and received the same reply. Today he was asked to wait. The patient was better--would
be able to see him. Soon a nurse in neat uniform came quietly down the corridor and took
charge of him.
"Ten minutes, no more," she insisted good-humoredly.
The Inspector nodded.
"One question, if you please, nurse," he asked. "Is the man going to live?"
"Not a doubt about it," she declared. "Why?"
" A matter of depositions," the Inspector exclaimed. "I'd rather let it go, though, if he's
sure to recover."
"It's a simple case," she answered, "and his constitution is excellent. There isn't the least
need for your to think about depositions. Here he is. Don't talk too long."
The Inspector sat down by the bedside. The patient, a young man, welcomed him a little
"You have come to ask me about what I saw in Pall Mall and opposite the Hyde Park
Hotel?" he said, speaking slowly and in a voice scarcely raised above a whisper. "I told
them all before the operation, but they couldn't send for you then. There wasn't time."
The Inspector nodded.
"Tell me your own way," he said. "Don't hurry. We can get the particulars later on. Glad
you're going to be mended."
"It was touch and go," the young man declared with a note of awe in his tone. "If the
omnibus wheel had turned a foot more, I should have lost both my legs. It was all through
watching that chap hop out of the taxicab, too."
The Inspector inclined his head gravely.
"You saw him get in, didn't you?" he asked.
"That's so," the patient admitted. "I was on my way--Charing Cross to the Kensington
Palace Hotel, on a bicycle. There was a block--corner of Pall Mall and Haymarket. I
caught hold--taxi in front--to steady me."