The Identity Check


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When a crazy, seemingly harmless old woman pilfers private information, she sets in motion a chaotic, far-reaching chain of events. Before long, a treacherous game of identity theft unfolds that could change the country's laws forever. Download this FREE e-Book today! Watch the new test movie @

trudy Connell

Great read, fast paced too


Very fast moving. The characters were believable and entertaining.

Ian Graham

A fine tale, a bit out of the ordinary. Fairly long (which I like) but never boring.


A very enjoyable book. Very sorry that it ended.

Mark Smith

Great book, refreshing to find some new interesting characters

Carol Richmond

excellent book. the characters were very easy to relate to. this would make an excellent movie

Carol Richmond

Loved the book. It would make a great film Ken.


Awesome book! Ken should keep writing!

Rosalind Schlabitz

Brilliant!!! I love the plot and cast of characters that are different from so many other crime books and movies. I didn't want it to end.


very good read & easy to love the characters.

Veronique Duncan

A good book. A little confusing and slow at the beginning. An interesting plot.


What a great book, well done!

Pamela France

Excellent book! I fell in love with the main character and appreciated his striving for honesty and good.

L Fleming

Thoroughly enjoyed this book, well written & thought out.

Mary Ann Katz

Slow starting, but utterly captivating. Thank you.

Leslie J

I watched the movie first. Considering it is a test movie, they did a great job. I've started reading the book and love it.

Sam Banks

I watched the test movie mentioned above in the description after I read the book. I loved the book and hope they make this into a real movie. FIVE STARS!


Really enjoyed this book. Great cast of characters and a story that really keeps you wanting to turn the pages. Can't wait to read more books from this author.

Jimmy Mann

Very good. a very good read. the characters are excellently portrayed.

Jane Chappell

A excellent read, kept interested from start to finish. Interesting and believable caracters


The story was truly engaging, and I couldn't put the shook down!

Dr. Paul FoxII

I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish! Keep up the good work of selecting these quality works of fiction and please get more of this author's literary gems. Thanks!


Great, entertaining and easy to read

Jimmy Mann

A good read, well worth the time.

Belinda G. Brown

Actually thought this was a really good read. The fact that it wasn't deluted with coarse language and sex was a really big bonus for me.


This was a very involved and entertaining plot

Aaliya Mirza

its really awesome, eagerly waiting for the next part. hope it will be soon


Most free books are of a fairly poor standard with fledgling writers trying to attract readers. This is a real exception. Good story, not obviously predictable with a smattering of all different characters.I thought it was great and will be recommending it to friends

Josh Bentley

I'd say this book is right up there with the best of them, a diamond in the rough if you will. Excellent character development keeps the story very interesting, keeps momentum building. I couldn't help but read it every spare minute I could find. I wish this site had a donate to author option.....


quick read. characters who were believable


I liked this as the story kept me reading best free book I have read as most are a bit boring

Roger Jung

Right up there with some of the best conspiracy authors works.

harlo dog

very intreging and easy to follow

zendee rose

started it but i can't force myself to read it till the end...first few chapters is boring that's why I stop reading it...

Robert Prestigomo

Very good put. Hard to put down.

Frankie Western

I enjoyed this book.

Jeffrey Sofroniou

Wow! Kept coming back for more. Keep 'em coming!

Patti Blask

Kept going at top speed all the way through. Great read!

Karen Toner

It makes you think I how easy it is to give yourself away to other.


Very well done! A more than enjoyable read!


great read, well defined characters, fast paced. many facets that all came together to create a gem.


A very interesting book. Quite sorry when it came to an end. Thought provoking.


after having read a few ebooks now this one is still memorable. like it more now than when i read it. well done

Shawna Wasko

Great story, every line was fun to read!


A great book, thank you. Bob

Brent Barnes

great to read something worth while!

John Wall

Beautifully written. Suspense keeps rising on every page.

Doug Clark

I enjoyed the characters that the author developed. I found the descriptions in the story fleshed it out to make an enjoyable read.


This book was right-on! Thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to reading more by Merrell.


I enjoyed it - could not put it down. Characters were interesting, lively, uplifting.


Ken Merrell

Best selling author, Ken Merrell, a retired fifty-one-year-old husband, grandpa, father of six, business man, artist, and sculptor. His experience as a former undercover police informant gives him insight to the working minds of his characters as he leads you down a path of unsettling twists and turns. The only thing you can expect is to be thoroughly entertained.

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