The How and Why Guide to Online Dating HTML version

Different Types of Online Dating Services
The online dating world is growing every day. A number of sites exist to
help people connect, and these varied sites all provide different things for
users who sign up for their services. Before you begin your online dating
experience, research your many choices of online dating sites by checking
out reviews and policies. Dating sites typically fall into five general
categories, so be sure you know what you need in an online dating
website before you make a choice about which kind of site to join.
First, chose how general you would like to be with your online dating.
General online dating sites are most common and by registering (often for
free) you can have access to literally millions of online daters. Profiles can
be very specific or very general depending on the website, and you will
find that everyone uses these websites for different purposes—some to
find casual dates and friendships, other to find relationships, and still
others to find physical encounters.
Compatibility websites, however, are more focused on finding serious
daters who are looking for long-term relationships and, eventually,
marriage. Here, it is not uncommon to pay for services to find your
matches. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire upon applying so
that the website can match you with the best potential relationship
candidates. Eharmony is one of the best-known compatibility websites.
You might also try your luck at a niche website. These online dating sites
are special for people of a certain interest, hobby, religion, et cetera. This
can be a great way to meet friends, not just people you would consider for
relationships. There are hundreds of websites to meet anyone’s needs,
from those that target pet lovers to those who target Christians.
Another type of online dating site is really not based on online dating at
all. These networking sites are large websites seeking to connect friends
with people they already know. College students often use Facebook for
this purpose, and MySpace is another popular choice. These can, however,
become dating websites, since you can browse through a number of
profiles to meet new people. It is important to remember here that most
people on these sites are not there to date, so proceed with caution.
Lastly, there is a group of websites that are becoming more popular, and
are designed to merge real world dating and online dating. These services
allow to you create and place a profile online and then print your site onto
a business card, which you can than hand to people you meet in real life
so that they can connect with you at a later date if desired. It is the online
dating equivalent to giving someone your phone number.