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The House on Strathderry Hill
‘No, I mean, why would you be buying that terrible place up there?’
The secreted whispers stooped and all eyes fixed on Jimmy as he continued to
munch into his bacon sandwich.
‘I don’t think it’s stupid, especially as I got the place for next to nothing.’
‘It be cheap for a reason my friend,’ the barman continued. ‘Have you not
heard of the goings on up there__ surely to the Almighty you’ve heard of
Legless Mary?’
‘Legless Mary! Are you for real? Who the hell is she__ is she the local drunk?’
‘Oh now young fella, if you take my advice you’d leave right now and forget
about that terrible ungodly place up there__ tis a cold, evil place to be sure.’
Jimmy and Harry paid no heed to the barman, and, after finishing their lunch,
cautiously steered the van up the narrow, twisting path that lad direct to the
house. Immediately, Harry noticed that the towering trees appeared to be
fluttering their leaves, as if applauding, yet there was no breeze and the air felt
strangely cold.
‘Now Harry, I think you’re letting those weirdo’s in the bar run riot with your
imagination,’ Jimmy laughed as he opened the backdoors of the van. ‘Legless
Mary__ have you ever heard the likes of it?’
‘What’s supposed to have happened to this Mary, do you know, Jimmy?’
‘Haven’t a clue, but I do know what will happen to you if you don’t start
helping me unload this van,’ Jimmy laughed.
‘Christ, by the looks of those big scratch marks on the front door you’re going
to need a new one for sure,’ Harry said. ‘They’re too deep to even paint over.’