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The House on Strathderry Hill
Jimmy felt rather proud of himself, he had just bought the house on
Strathderry Hill in the beautiful Donegal area of Ireland and was very pleased
that he obtained the house for almost next to nothing, though it did need a bit
of repair. Jimmy planned to have the house ready in time for his wedding,
which was only three months away and thought that it would be a perfect
present for his new bride, Janice.
The thatched roof cottage seemed so perfect, high on a hill that overlooked
lush green fields and had a magnificent backdrop from the Forrest, a
wonderful secluded place to raise a family, the main idea for purchasing the
Jimmy told Janice that he would be spending a few days away with his friend,
Harry, on a fishing trip before they set off from Strabane in the North of
Ireland, taking their van, which had been secretly crammed full with the
equipment and materials to make the new house habitable and welcoming.
Almost two hours later, Jimmy and Harry stopped off at a roadside bar and
restaurant that was overlooked by Strathderry Forrest, and Jimmy’s new
house. Of course, several regulars in the bar, mostly elderly farmers, sat with
questioning stares as they whispered amongst each other.
‘So,’ the bearded barman said with a sigh. ‘You tell me that you’re the new
owner of that house up there on the hill?’
‘I sure am, I’m hoping to get ship-shape before my wedding.’
‘Now then, why on God’s good earth would you be doing a silly thing like
‘I don’t think getting married is stupid,’ Jimmy said defensively.