The Holiday Killers HTML version

John Lee’s mother was not immune to her husbands outbursts of terror and had
come to work many times bruised and battered often taking the beatings to shield the
children when she was able. While those who knew the family were aware of the abuse,
there seemed to be little that could be done to help. The local police had been called
many times to the Harris residence often leaving with John senior, letting him sleep it off
in the tank overnight hoping each time that when he returned he would turn over a new
leaf. John Lee’s mother stayed out of fear heeding John senior’s threats that he would
find them if they ever left and murder them all.
John Lee was never able to carry on a steady relationship with a girl because of
the abuse he witnessed at home, always believing that someday he would turn out like his
father. As well he could not contemplate bringing home a nice girl to face what he
endured every day seeing his half clad drunken father most of the time out of control. As
John Lee got older his resentment of his father and the beatings that he, his sister and his
mother had to endure would ignite a rage inside that would prove to shape his destiny.
When John Lee was 14, he came home from school one day to find his little sister
hovering in a corner covered in blood with her eyes closed shut. John senior had beaten
her to a pulp. Not sure if she was still breathing he went to her side. Just as he did he was
sent flying across the room, hitting his head on the kitchen countertop. When he awoke
he saw his father standing over his mother with a gun and she was pleading with him to
leave them alone. John senior screamed “you’re not worth it!” He stumbled off to the
bedroom hurling abuse at them all. John Lee’s mother composed herself and tended to
both John Lee and his little sister. She called a neighbour who took them all to the