The Holiday Killers HTML version

Junction Falls. Most of the young left for the bigger cities where at least things didn’t
look quite so bad. The few that were left behind were either aging or had little skills to
offer elsewhere. They were faced with only a handful of low paying jobs and with little
or no retirement funds in place, the young and old alike were facing dismal times ahead.
The recession had also caused the real estate market to collapse in Junction Falls.
Many people abandoned their homes when they lost their jobs and couldn’t make the
mortgage payments. The banks moved in quickly and foreclosed. The white picket
fences, older homes and long driveways began to fall into disrepair. The cheap real estate
made it easy for newcomers with disposable cash to pick up houses way below their real
value. The face of Junction Falls was already changing and was about to take on a
different flavour with the coming of its two newest residents, John Lee Harris and Roy
Wade Boone.
Chapter 2
John Lee Harris grew up poor in the bo rder town of Houlton. His father, John
senior was a violent alcoholic who spent most of his days living in a drunken fog and
whose abusive outbursts sent John Lee a nd his little sister scurrying for their lives. His
mother was a mild, shy woman with elegant features which she passed onto John Lee,
giving him his striking black hair and deadly good looks. She did her best to keep the
family together by working long ho urs as a waitress at one of the local diners serving the
tourists crossing over the Canadian Border. While her tips and the left over food from the
diner kept the children fed she could not shield John Lee and his sister from the drunken
rages that befell their father. The long hours away from the children, knowing what they
would face each day after school only made her guilt that much more intense.