The History Of the remarkable Life of John Sheppard, 
Robberies and Escapes HTML version

and Charles Grace, and robbing of Mr. Barton, a Master
Taylor who lodged therein, of Goods and Bonds to the Value of
near 300 l. Of his breaking and entering the House of Mr.
Kneebone, a Woollen-Draper, near the New Church in the
Strand, in Company of Joseph Blake alias Blewskin and
William Field, and stealing Goods to the Value of near 50 l. Of
his robbing of Mr. Pargiter on the Highway near the Turnpike,
on the Road Hampstead, along with the said Blewskin. Of his
robbing a Lady's Woman in her Mistress's Coach on the same
Road. Of his robbing also a Stage Coach, with the said
Blewskin, on the Hampstead Road. Likewise of his breaking the
Shop of Mr. Martin in Fleet-street, and stealing 3 silver
Watches of 15 l. Value.
A particular Account of his rescuing his pretended Wife from
St. Giles's Round House. Of the wonderful Escape himself
made from the said Round-House. Of the miraculous Escape
he and his said pretended Wife made together from New-
Prison, on the 25th of May last. Of his surprizing Escape from
the Condemn'd Hold of Newgate on the 31st of August:
Together with the true manner of his being retaken; and of his
Behaviour in Newgate, till the most astonishing, and never to
be forgotten Escape he made from thence, in the Night of the
15th of October. The Whole taken from the most authentick
Accounts, as the Informations of divers Justices of the Peace,
the several Shop-keepers above-mentioned, the principal
Officers of Newgate and New Prison, and from the Confession
of Sheppard made to the Rev. Mr. Wagstaff, who officiated for
the Ordinary at Newgate.
LONDON: Printed and sold by JOHN APLEDEE in Black-Fryers,
J. ISTED, at the Golden-Ball
near Chancery Lane in Fleet Street, and the Booksellers of London
and Westminster.